Our professional staff has vetted some of the largest market transactions of the last 30 years. 


RosettiStarr provides information that helps clients make both tactical and strategic decisions with greater clarity and confidence. We are fact finders that can be targeted to gather information about any subject, individual, company or industry. While we have expertise in some industries, we quickly develop the required resources regardless of subject matter. We combine our excellence in locating and analyzing public/open source information with our skill for identifying, locating and interviewing people that can provide useful information. We also identify industry specific experts to assist us in certain circumstances. 

Transactional Due Diligence

We examine and verify all disclosures relative to the subjects' ability to perform. We also look for undisclosed issues that will impact the relationship. We conduct background research on principals and key employees, including business history and reputation. We provide different levels of research from public/open source information gathering and analysis, to eliciting information from sources familiar with the subject(s) and reviews by accountants verifying financial statements.

Competitor and Industry Intelligence

We help identify and quantify those factors that make the competitor successful. We follow leads developed by our clients relating to competitors and customers. We look at innovation, strategy, operations and finance of the competition.

Corporate Control

RosettiStarr investigators have been involved in contests for corporate control since the early 1980's.  Initially our role was to defend corporations from "raiders" but the landscape has drastically changed with more legitimate shareholder activism and the willingness of corporate leaders to more aggressively pursue opportunities. Our role in these matters vary depending on the particular facts of each case.  Our unique knowledge and experience always provides incredible value to our clients.

New Market Entry Intelligence

We help determine the political and regulatory environment and provide background information on specific regulators or others in position of authority.  We help identify and evaluate potential partners including customers, suppliers and distributors.

We help identify all competitors and their strengths and strategy.  We look for other, undisclosed, business risks through local industry sources.

Key Supplier and Vendor Intelligence

We provide both consulting and other services relating to vendor integrity. We verify the vendor's capability and compliance with agreements. Information about key suppliers must be current to avoid risks. We gather information about financial conditions and other factors that may contribute to their inability to provide product to the client. We also identify conflict of interest or shifts in corporate strategies that affect ability to perform.