RosettiStarr offers a unique resource that delivers information that helps clients make better business decisions. Whether working for attorneys or senior management our experienced personnel bring clarity and confidence in both times of crisis and normal course of business.

Internal Investigations and Corporate Fraud

RosettiStarr excels at conducting internal investigations. Our experienced team has investigated information leaks, intellectual property loss, kickbacks, accounting irregularities, embezzlement, foreign corrupt practices, computer crimes and other instances of fraud. In some cases an obvious crime has been committed, but often we work with mere allegations that must be discreetly investigated and substantiated. In each instance we review the facts and work with the client to develop an appropriate investigative plan.

Our investigative plans may include the identification and retrieval of documentary evidence. To that end, we assist in the recovery of electronic files; identification, location and interviews of witnesses; preservation of evidence; performing confrontational interviews; advising "next step" strategies based on findings; preparing cases for referral to law enforcement officials or regulators; and giving testimony as required.

RosettiStarr identifies weaknesses in the client's business controls which may have contributed to an incident and provide corrective recommendations. RosettiStarr has excellent resources to conduct computer related investigations and document discovery/recovery. We conduct onsite examinations of hard drives during or after business hours to discreetly develop evidence. We utilize state of the art data recovery and evidence preservation technology.

Litigation Support

RosettiStarr works closely with attorneys in all phases of litigation. Early on we may provide pre-litigation intelligence to gather and confirm facts or determine financial resources of the opposition. Later, we identify, locate and interview important witnesses and gather public records. Our accountants and computer forensic investigators review books and records and examine electronic files. We provide testimony when appropriate or develop information to impugn the testimony of opposition witnesses. Finally, we assist in collecting on judgments by conducting asset searches and other investigative efforts.

RosettiStarr takes on matters of all sizes and complexities. We understand the litigation process and rules governing use of private investigators. We also understand what attorneys' need to be successful and are aggressive in our pursuit. We welcome calls to discuss potential matters and to provide investigative strategies.

Asset Searches

RosettiStarr has unparalleled experience tracking assets in the private sector. We have worked for trustees in bankruptcy proceedings, litigators, financial institutions, corporations and foreign governments.  Further, Richard Rosetti has participated in his own collection agency partnership. RosettiStarr understands what is required to not just find assets but, most importantly, collect on them. We have international capabilities and substantial experience working in off-shore financial centers. 

RosettiStarr considers asset searches to be the most difficult service to plan and execute. An objective analysis and evaluation of the chance for success is required. We are careful with our client's money and will only take on a matter in which everyone is in agreement as to what the goals are and what the expected costs for recovery will be. RosettiStarr is open to discussions concerning risk and reward sharing.



  • Real Property Ownership
  • Other Hard Assets
  • Location of Bank Accounts 
  • Each Accounts' Approximate Balance
  • Location of Brokerage Accounts
  • Other Attachable Assets 

Environmental Investigations

RosettiStarr investigators have been conducting searches for potentially responsible parties since 1988. Our investigators are experts at identifying historic sources of information relating to waste disposal practices. The field investigations unit works closely with our database research experts in order to identify and locate witnesses. We also understand industrial processes and historic waste disposal methods. Our findings provide a basis for allocating costs and determining knowledge of an "occurrence." 

We also can play a role in Pre-Transaction Enviromental Due Diligence Investigations.  The need for accurate information about parties involved in transactions of every kind has never been more important. RosettiStarr seeks out relevant information on companies, affiliated companies including legacies, and their principals. We can also conduct special audits post transaction to maintain confidence.

Contests For Corporate Control

RosettiStarr investigators have been involved in contests for corporate control since the early 1980's.  Initially our role was to defend corporations from "raiders" but the landscape has drastically changed with more legitimate shareholder activism and the willingness of corporate leaders to more aggressively pursue opportunities. Our role in these matters vary depending on the particular facts of each case.  Our unique knowledge and experience always provides incredible value to our clients.  

Forensic Accounting

RosettiStarr's investigative accountants are experienced in detecting and proving fraud. We use only experienced accountants to analyze books and records in order to determine whether inadvertent mistakes or fraud occurred. We seek to establish the identities of all parties involved, length of issue, and damages to the client and interested parties. We help quantify losses and assist in resulting litigation or insurance claim filings.

Intellectual Property Investigations

RosettiStarr provides a variety of services in the realm of intellectual property investigations, including but not limited to:

  • Exposing counterfeit and grey markets.

  • Identifying and establishing patent and copyright infringement.

  • Help clients maximize their intellectual property by identifying unauthorized use.

  • Assist in the enforcement of covenants not to compete.