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Richard Rosetti

President and Chief Executive Officer

CEO and co-founder Richard Rosetti has been an industry leader in security and investigations.  Before starting his own RosettiGroup, he was a founder of SafirRosetti, now part of Guidepost Solutions.  He joined Kroll Associates when it newly formed, and rose to Regional Director for North America. Seventeen years with the company, Mr. Rosetti led Kroll’s geographic expansion to create the firm’s largest and most profitable region.  He established quality oriented standard operating procedures and several new innovative practice areas.

Over his 30 year career, Mr. Rosetti served as security consultant, investigator, and investigative accountant. He managed numerous large complex matters, employing and coordinating the domestic and international efforts of computer forensic experts, investigative accountants, field investigators and researchers.  RosettiStarr is built with the industry’s highest quality services, worldwide.

Mr. Rosetti’s significant casework includes:

  • Re-built the security department for one of the world’s largest gaming companies while acting as Security Director reporting to the board of directors.

  • Re-built the security department of a regional bank while acting as Security Director reporting to the bank President and Chairman of the Board.

  • Re-built the security department of a large telecommunications company.

  • Provided an outsourced security department to the world’s largest global advertising and marketing company.

  • Assisted in the development of new strategies for the security of critical infrastructure for a large utility company.

  • Managed numerous domestic and international intellectual property investigations and supported related litigation efforts.

  • Led many large environmental investigations including PRP searches and insurance “occurrence” matters.

  • Participated in the successful investigation and prosecution of the president of a savings and loan company for fraud. Mr. Rosetti served as senior investigative accountant and provided testimony.

  • Assisted in several high profile identification and collections of assets secreted internationally.

  • Supervised the development and implementation of “trap and trace” software and security/investigative procedures, enabling a large telecommunications company to reduce fraud by $80 million in its first full year of implementation.

  • Managed the investigative efforts in numerous battles for corporate control/proxy fights.

  • Provided transactional and competitive business intelligence to industry leading corporations, hedge funds and financial institutions.

  • Provided discreet investigative and consulting services to several foreign heads of state.

Mr. Rosetti served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, where he achieved the rank of Captain, Infantry Company Commander. He earned a B.S. from American University, majoring in accounting. 


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Mike Starr

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Starr is a principal and founder of RosettiStarr.  An industry leader, he has long serviced leading investment banks, hedge funds, and private equity firms.   

Early in his career, Mr. Starr distinguished himself by conducting opposition research for election campaigns.  He soon broadened his scope to provide business intelligence and due diligence investigations, white-collar crime investigations, civil litigation support research and other investigative related services. Initially, he served preeminent investigation firms, and later created Corporate Intelligence Solutions. His strategic focus and knowledge of the investment and acquisition process make him an invaluable team member on “deal teams” particularly in the more difficult transactions.  With 20 years of investigative experience and expertise in domestic and international open source resources, Mr. Starr manages a global network of investigators and critical resources to meet client requirements worldwide.  His long term clients are testimony to his attention to detail, his client goals and his dedication to delivering first quality work. 

Mr. Starr is a graduate of Boston University.

Professional StafF

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Adam Amrani is a skilled research analyst with experience in pre-transactional and corporate due-diligence, compliance, and pre IPO and M&A research. He specializes in Arabic language investigative research and focuses on the Middle East and North Africa. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Amrani managed international compliance and geopolitical research focusing on Mauritania and North Africa. He holds an MA from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and a BA from the University of Texas at Austin.





Will Barnes is a research analyst with a focus on the Middle East. Prior to joining RosettiStarr, Mr. Barnes was a contractor at the U.S. Trade and Development Agency where he conducted investigations in English and Arabic to uncover and assess reputations and risk associated with agency-funded projects. He holds an MA from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and a BA from the University of Tennessee.


Mykyta Baryshev

Senior Associate

Mykyta Baryshev is a diligent analyst with expertise in investigative computer software and business practices in the United States and Russia. Mr. Baryshev has served as an analyst for a industry leading real estate firm, managing the integration of a variety of software necessary for major due diligence investigation. Prior to RosettiStarr, Mr. Baryshev worked in corporate ethics and compliance, where he led compliance training for all employees of a multinational corporation and headed due diligence processes for third party intermediaries. Mr. Baryshev holds an M.B.A. from American University and a B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia. 



Yael Benkel


Yael Benkel is a Research Associate with experience in research on Counter-Terrorism and the Middle East. Prior to joining RosettiStarr, Yael was a Research Assistant at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and conducted a research focused internship under the former Co-Director of the Center for 21st Century Security & Intelligence at the Brookings Institution. Yael was a part of a U.S. Department of State commissioned Georgetown University School of Foreign Service Student Task Force that conducted research on how to combat violent extremism online, and she is a co-author of “The Battle Over Influence in the Digital Space”, an article that is expected to be published in the fall of 2017 in the Georgetown Security Studies Journal.  Yael graduated cum laude from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (Israel) with a Bachelor of Arts in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy and has a Master of Arts in Security Studies from Georgetown University. Yael is a native Hebrew speaker and has intermediate skills in reading, writing and speaking in French.



Senior Associate/Director Litigation Support Services

Thea Bournazian is a leading specialist in litigation support with 20 years experience assisting plaintiff and defense firms on complex cases: corporate fraud, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, Qui Tam, ERISA, consumer protection and civil rights.  Bournazian began her career at the James Mintz Group, became a partner in two investigative firms and was Director of Investigative Services at Cohen Milstein Sellers and Toll.  Her expertise in court prep includes vetting potential jury members, conducting background checks, computer and accounting forensics, and asset searches. Bournazian trains attorneys, paralegals and investigators on best practices to find and interview witnesses. She holds a B.A. from Washington College and an M.A. from Georgetown University.


Matthew Clark

Senior Associate/Director Security Services

Matthew Clark is a first-rate security strategist and consultant. He serves as the deputy security director for an international corporation, where he focuses on liability mitigation and risk management for all operations worldwide. Mr. Clark has served as the deputy security director of a regional bank, managing all aspects of physical security for both existing and new construction bank branches, operation centers, and the headquarters of a retail bank operating in 5 states. Mr. Clark specializes in physical risk assessment and internal and external bank related fraud investigations. Prior to RosettiStarr, Mr. Clark worked for a policy think tank. Mr. Clark is a graduate of the University of North Carolina. 



Michaela Connell


Michaela Connell is an investigative researcher focusing on pre-transactional due diligence, litigation support, and hiring and corporate talent investigations. 





Ricardo De Los Rios


Ricardo De Los Rios is a research analyst with experience in anti-bribery monitoring, regulatory compliance, and commercial transparency with entities of various sizes. Prior to joining RosettiStarr, Ricardo was a compliance analyst for an industry leading anti-bribery and compliance firm within the Washington, DC metro area where he managed the due diligence reviews primarily for the LATAM region. Prior research projects that Ricardo conducted include analysis on the economic collapse of the Spanish real estate market, the growth of Peru as a major economic player over the past thirty years, as well as the current state of anti-bribery and money laundering efforts within Latin America. He currently holds a BBA from Loyola University (MD), certification of coursework completed from Universitat Ramon Llull (Barcelona, Spain) and is in the final year of his MA in International Commerce and Policy/Global Finance, Investment, and Trade from George Mason University.

Kip M. Edwards

Senior Associate/Director of Investigations

Kip Edwards is RosettiStarr’s Director of Investigations and manages the company’s investigations practice.  Mr. Edwards has broad experience managing complex white-collar crime, corporate fraud and government investigations.  He is comfortable operating in novel legal environments to uncover facts needed to prosecute or defend against corporate claims, regulatory investigations (FCC, FTC, SEC), intellectual property disputes, asset recovery investigations, and criminal prosecutions.  Mr. Edwards also assists major activist hedge funds and the world’s largest private equity firms assert influence in arbitrage, M&A, and leadership overhaul campaigns by managing due diligence and business intelligence reporting, providing strategy guidance and assessing investment risk. 

Mr. Edwards has led complex global investigations for large private investors and publicly traded companies with claims in litigation worth over $1 billion.  Previously he served as law clerk for the United States Air Force J.A.G. Corps and was a Special Visitor of the Office of Military Commissions at Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay.

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Hannah Giambattista


Hannah Giambattista is an investigative researcher focusing on pre-transactional due diligence, litigation support, and hiring and corporate talent investigations. Prior to RosettiStarr, Ms. Giambattista worked for the District of Columbia’s Public Defender Service. Ms. Giambattista graduated Cum Laude from American University.



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Stuart S. Koo, Esq.

Senior Associate/Investigative Counsel

Stuart Koo is a member of the in-house counsel team. He provides litigation support, harnessing years of experience in the legal arena. A Maryland-barred attorney, he has worked on a wide variety of complex litigations relating to pharmaceutical product liability, antitrust, copyright infringement, and breach of contract matters. Mr. Koo also provided litigation support to investigations by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission. He holds a J.D. from the University of Baltimore School of Law, with concentrations in Business Law and Intellectual Property Law and a B.A. with honors from the University of Maryland. 


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Andrew C. Martel

Senior Associate

Andrew Martel is a market researcher with experience conducting qualitative customer and market studies.  Prior to joining RosettiStarr, Mr. Martel worked in marketing and was a print journalist.  He holds an MBA from Temple University and a BA from American University. 


Justin McLendon

Senior Associate

Justin McLendon is a skilled case manager and research analyst whose expertise in both open-source data and US and international court structures is invaluable to our corporate intelligence and litigation support arenas. He specializes in pre-transactional analysis, white-collar crime, high level corporate talent, and corporate board investigations. Mr. McLendon graduated Cum Laude from the University of Maryland. 


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Will Nichols


Will is a research analyst with experience in corporate due diligence, pre-employment background checks, mobile surveillance, interviews, and covert videography. Prior to joining RosettiStarr, Mr. Nichols was a licensed private investigator for a large national insurance fraud P.I. firm and three different small D.C.-area domestic P.I. firms. His graduate school capstone research project on amphetamine trafficking in the Syrian war was featured in internal D.E.A. memos and the April 2016 issue of Vanity Fair (France). Mr. Nichols holds an M.A. in Middle East Studies from the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs and a B.A. in International Studies from Emory University. In addition to his native English, Mr. Nichols also reads, writes, and speaks Arabic at an intermediate level.

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Sophia Rosetti is a multilingual writer and researcher. For RosettiStarr, she provides pre-investment due diligence and corporate intelligence and contributes to litigation support and private investigations. She utilizes her command of Spanish, French, Hebrew and Arabic and international relations in her work for RosettiStarr. A native Washingtonian, she has spent extensive time internationally during her professional and academic career. 

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Sofia’s work includes pre-investment business intelligence assignments as well as assisting our security consulting practice in new technology research.  Prior to joining RosettiStarr, she was a business intelligence researcher focusing on Latin America with concentration on Brazil, her country of origin. Sofia graduated Magna Cum Laude from American University’s School of International Service and holds a B.A. in International Studies with a focus on European affairs. She also holds an Undergraduate Certificate in German Translation through American University’s College of Arts & Sciences.


Anthony Sartori

Senior Associate/Director of Research

Anthony Sartori serves as our director of research and is an industry expert on open-source research intelligence. He is a seasoned investigator with over 16 years in the field, with a special focus on investment due diligence investigations, white-collar crime investigations, pre- and post-trial litigation strategies, fraud identification and other transactional and business intelligence. He previously led his own investigative research firm, Caveat Research. Mr. Sartori holds an M.A. in International Commerce Policy from George Mason University and a B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan University.  


Elizabeth Schmitz

Senior Associate

Elizabeth Schmitz specializes in corporate intelligence for RosettiStarr. Her honed skills include fraud detection, pre-investment due diligence, activist investors, litigation support, and Russian language resources. In addition to working with corporate and foreign governments, she has also distinguished herself in the world of international nongovernment organizations, including a posting in Kurdistan. She holds an M.A. from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and a B.A. from the University of Virginia. 


Sebastian Sosman

Senior Associate

Sebastian Sosman is one of our deep-divers into open source records research covering the broad array of investigative and security needs. He is a highly skilled investigator and researcher in high stakes, high profile pre-investment due diligence, high level hiring, and corporate board members. Mr. Sosman holds an M.A. from Johns Hopkins SAIS and B.A. from Bates College.



Xinran Qi

Senior Associate

Xinran Qi is an experienced investigator and research manager whose regional area of expertise is North America and Asia Pacific. He has led numerous complex investigations worldwide involving corporate intelligence, fraud investigation and litigation support. Prior to joining RosettiStarr, Mr. Qi worked at Kroll Associates where he performed risk assessment on high-profile transactions and IPOs for some of the world’s largest investment banks. He has also researched and wrote for an array of nonprofits and think tanks. Mr. Qi holds an M.S. from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.